3 Things I Love About Joel Henley

September 5, 2017 - Blog -

For those who don’t know, Joel is the worship pastor at oasis church. He and his wife, Kriss, moved here from South Florida in 2013 to help plant the church. Joel took a job at a bagel shop and basically worked from 5am – 2pm every day and spent his evenings recruiting band members and rehearsing. He literally TAUGHT some of our band members how to play their instruments before we launched. He has always worked with such passion and joy. While there are NUMEROUS things I could highlight about Joel, I thought I’d share 3:

#1 – Oasis Is Not His “Gig”– it’s HIS CALLING!  Joel clearly loves Oasis Church…he prays for it, works on it, supports it financially… he loves the people in this church and has a heart to reach the community we are in! It’s really obvious that Oasis is MORE than an opportunity for him to perform, it’s a place where he lives, breathes, and walks out his calling!

#2 – He Is So Stinkin’ Humble! – Joel does WAY more than sing on Sunday. He puts a lot of time in doing things he wasn’t “hired” to do. So much of what we see at Oasis happens because of Joel’s hands & heart. And he doesn’t parade around taking credit for stuff. Honestly, I’m not sure if there is anything he wouldn’t do to help this church move forward and reach people.

#3 – He Is Not Afraid To Be Stretched – Joel thrives in times when he is challenged. Whether it’s a musical challenge, the “style” of a song, or if he’s preparing something that has the potential of receiving lots of criticism- he just goes with it and grows from it! Even if something isn’t familiar to him, he always finds a way to make it happen. This characteristic runs deeper than music though, it’s a part of his nature.

Y’all take a moment this week and join me in celebrating Joel!




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