4 Things I LOVE About My Team

September 7, 2017 - Blog -

I ABSOLUTELY believe God divinely orchestrated the team I get to serve in ministry with. I’m so grateful for Todd, Bonnie, Joel, Matt, Jeremiah, Jason, and Donna! There are many others who are key leaders at Oasis, but these specific staff members have put in work day in and day out for over 3 years. There are MANY reasons I have enjoyed  working alongside this crew, but here are 4 specific reasons I love my team!

#1 – We Love One Another

We don’t just love the ministry we do, we love EACH OTHER.  When the leaders of the church love one another, it gives birth to creativity and vision. But when the leaders don’t LOVE each other, it gives birth to the evil twins Dysfunction and Division.  This doesn’t mean we are void of differences or disagreements. It just means that beneath ANY conflict or tension, we are anchored by LOVE.

#2 – We Work Well Together

We have GREAT chemistry! I have always been amazed at how each of our team members holds the door for the others.  None of our team members is vying for special attention, position, or recognition. Instead, each of them makes everyone else job easier because everybody in the room sees problems “our” problem, not “their” problem!

#3 – We Are Honest

We are not afraid to speak the truth to one another. We have cultivated an environment where honesty is valued, even if it’s not easy to swallow!  This is not always easy, but it is necessary! Some of the most fruitful times of our ministry have happened on the other side of honest, transparent conversations. 

#4 – We are Forward Thinking

We refuse to maintain the status quo!!! We are always looking for opportunities to move the ball down the field. There have been times where i personally would have preferred to coast, but the team won’t allow it. This mindset by the team keeps us focused on the mission at hand, and prevents us from going into cruise control just to make sure everyone remains comfortable! I’m SO GRATEFUL to work with people who are constantly striving to “make it better.”

I LOVE my team!!!!

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  • Summer

    #Dreamteam! I know I appreciate everything every single one of y'all do! Y'all keep being awesome!

    September 7, 2017
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