5 reasons why your church might be boring

October 11, 2017 - Blog -

Ok, here’s the deal. This post is going to sound negative, but it’s not coming from a negative place in my heart. It’s coming from a place that is FILLED with desire to REACH the world for Jesus. And I do realize that these are my opinions, and you may disagree…but This is what a blog is for,  opinions, right? 😃

As I’m preparing my sermon for NEXT Sunday, Oct 22, I’m reminded that the Bible is NOT boring. Holy cow, my message is going to be SO uncomfortably interesting!!! DEFINITELY not boring. I can’t wait for it. LOL

I’m convinced that God’s Word is more relevant, exciting and entertaining than anything I have ever read!! In a LOT of cases, it’s rated R. In other places it’s HILARIOUS. And there are many chapters where the author is just plain sarcastic and sometimes the authors are even a bit crude. One of the writers cusses. And much of the book is FILLED with drama. It’s everything BUT boring!!

And since the Bible is not boring, then CHURCH should NOT be boring, either!!!

When did church become a place where kids are forced to sit still and color in a book, while the women make their shopping lists, the men struggle to stay awake, the volunteers are mad they have to be there, and the preacher can’t wait to get home?!

(Unfortunately, I just described church for a lot of people.)


BECAUSE…sometimes we make church boring!!! I know we don’t intend to, but we just do. And it doesn’t have to be!

So I thought I’d write 5 reasons why your church might be BORING, and then ONE TIP to help you stop being boring.

5 Reasons Why Your Church Is Boring…

#1 – Scared Leadership!
Church leaders are SO SCARED of people leaving that they consistently choose NOT to rock the boat and accommodate people who are pursuing personal comfort! In an attempt to make everybody happy, they preach some Mr Rogers-esque sermon they found on OR they read a bunch of greek words that 90% of the people don’t understand while half the building checks out and scrolls their instagram account.

#2 – ZERO desire to reach people who are far from God.
It’s so easy for us pastors to just teach a bunch of obscure history lessons that very few people actually care about. It seems impressive to our existing church people, but what we don’t realize is our academic insights are not answering ANY of the questions that non-Christians are actually asking!! And if this continues to be the way we do ministry, then 40 years from now we will find ourselves pastoring the exact SAME people and doing more FUNERALS than BABY dedications. Then, as our Holy Huddle slowly dwindles, we will spend our evenings remembering the good ole’ days of ministry.

#3 – Predictability
We let the same people sing the same songs at the same times, and we offer the same prayers and do the same activities for kids…for generations. Our calendar is packed full of “annual events” that’s Rall the exact same people. I think one of the reasons people are checked out of the mission of Jesus is because the church talks a lot about making a difference, but isn’t willing to do anything different.

#4 – Excuses
When we start to feel the least bit challenged, we make excuses. We make excuses for poor ministry practices when we say “well this is just the way we’ve always done it.” We make excuses for people when we say “well that’s just the way they are.” And we make excuses for ourselves when we criticize other ministries that ARE reaching people because it will take the attention off of ourselves and allows us to maintain the current state of our church.

#5 – Inauthenticity
The fastest way to drive people (especially millennials) AWAY from Church is by creating an environment where people feel like they have to be perfect. This is why I think it is so important for leaders to confess their shortcomings pubrlicly and live a life of transparency. Pastors, we cannot be the hero of all our own stories. We must be intentional to tell the story of Grace, which makes us the villain and Jesus the hero. It makes us the broken, and Jesus the rescuer.

So what are you willing to do today to change?

Oh, I forgot I promised I’d give you a tip that will help you stop being boring…

Grow a pair, stop making excuses, be REAL, and be willing to do something different to reach people far from God.

I know that sounds direct, but it’s exactly what’s on my heart today.

  • George Beasley

    Good one. Keep on with your opinions

    October 11, 2017
  • Angela

    Interesting perspective... must be intended for men since women can't "grow a pair"!
    I sometimes like academic insight.
    An Oasis service is certainly not predictable.
    I must have missed the moment that you were NOT direct Which is great, I like the non-sugar-Coated Bill..... except when Mom comes to town...

    October 11, 2017
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