10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

October 23, 2017 - Blog -

#10 – I love making lists 😂 EVERY sermon, blog post, vacation plan, email, etc…it all starts out as a list.

#9 – I hate dressing up! Seriously wish I could wear t-shirt & jeans every day.

#8 – I love dressing. For real tho, Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday because…FOOD…and dressing.

#7 – My first favorite holiday? Easter…because JESUS. The baby Jesus is cute and all, but that EMPTY tomb changed my life & gives me a reason to stay on course!

#6 – I don’t like being called “Pastor.” It’s just weird. The meaning of the word pastor is “Shepherd.” In my view, Jesus is the shepherd. I’m just a #sheepdog. Kind of like a “player/coach” – not really great at either but the team enjoys playing together.

#5 – I don’t like Christian music! I know that is DANGEROUS to say being that my primary blog audience is christians. But If I’m completely honest, the only thing worse than Christian music is Christian MOVIES!! Now, I know some of you are going to send me links to your favorite christian bands and say…”try this one!” And that’s a lot like at Thanksgiving when you say you don’t like watergate salad, and your Aunt says “oh but you’ve never had MY watergate salad” …you get what I’m saying? 

#4 – I cry when I watch Finding Dory….EVERY time!! Seriously…it really touches my heart at the end when you see how Dory’s parents lined up all those sea shells in hopes that she’ll find her way home.

#3 – I’m Kind Of An Introvert… You might not believe this one…but I don’t really talk a lot in groups and crowds.  When I get in a large gathering of people I usually head for the corner and just observe what’s going on. When I was younger, I was NOT this way. But as I have gotten older, I’ve drifted toward the corner. 

#2- I Avoid Conflict…I know, I know… I kind of create conflict sometimes from the stage and from this blog. But that’s a little different from interpersonal conflict. When a friend or someone I care about is mad at me, THAT is the worst!! I become really defensive, or I just hide and come back out when it’s safe.

#1 – I hate being sticky! I love giving high fives to kids, I hate it when they have candy on their hands. I love eating pancakes, I hate it when the fork falls in the syrup! I love eating out, I hate it when the table is sticky and it gets on my forearms! Worst prank EVER played on me was by Jennifer Horne, I was asleep on her couch and she squirted syrup in the HAIRLINE of my forehead!!! I literally wanted to cuss at her. But I didn’t. I just gave her a very passive aggressive chuckle and STILL haven’t forgotten it.

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