6 Reasons I’m PROUD of our Kids Team!

January 10, 2018 - Blog -

This month, we celebrate FOUR years of existence as a church!!  Wow!! The past 4 years have flown by, and a LOT of things have changed about Oasis during these years.

However, one thing has NOT changed… The Vision.

We’ve always been a church that exists so that people can have new life in Christ. From the beginning, we have focused on reaching out to non-churched people in the town of Holly Springs.

A HUGE part of our vision as a church has been reaching KIDS.

Before we got started, we hypothesized that there were a lot of people in our community who grew up in church, but quit at some point as adults. And now that they have kids, they might find it important to expose them to matters of faith.

So, essentially, a lot of people would be willing to give church another chance of there is something good for their kids. And I believe if we can reach kids, we can reach parents.

This is why our vision for KIDS ministry has been very important since before the beginning.

In fact, here is a video we uploaded 7 months before we launched as bait to hook Matt Lundy.

I can honestly say I am SO PROUD of Matt, Jenny and the rest of the Oasis Kids Team! They have worked so hard to create programming and activities (in a PORTABLE church!) that will reach kids of all ages.

They’ve built a ministry that allows ALL kids to participate in safe, age-appropriate environments where the message of Jesus is taught in a creative and relevant way.

No kid likes a boring church! That’s why we prioritize having fun, while learning how to develop Godly character and a strong relationship with Jesus. By the time a child is in 5th grade, we want all kids to KNOW that Jesus always has time for them and he is always with them, supporting them, and loves them.

Here are some reasons why I’m SUPER PROUD of Matt, Jenny, and our kids ministry leadership team:

#1 – They actually LOVE kids! 

They aren’t doing this because they have to, they do it because the WANT to! We never want someone serving in an area that doesn’t bring them JOY, and if serving kids doesn’t bring someone joy, then we move ‘em out.

#2 – They make it FUN! 

This is SO IMPORTANT to me. Having been in a church setting most of my life, I’ve always thought church should be an enjoyable experience. And I truly believe that most kids won’t remember what they learn at church, but they WILL remember how you made the feel.  And nothing feels worse that “suffering” through church! We want every kid who visits Oasis to remember that it was FUN.

#3 – They keep it CLEAN! 

There is no grungy carpet or odd smells emanating from our kids equipment. Considering the fact that we meet in a Public High School gymnasium, there is still nothing about our kids environments that make you want to puke. LOL  I know and love that our kid’s area is clean…every Sunday!

#4 – They PRIORITIZE safety! 

This can be especially challenging in a portable church environment. This is why we make EVERYONE undergo background checks. And NOBODY is allowed to volunteer with kids unless they’ve been attending the church for at least 6 months.  Also, there is a volunteer safety team who is making sure all the doors are always locked and random people aren’t just wandering around…and there is a fantastic check-in system that ensures the person who dropped a child off is the person who has to pick the kid up!  These are things that many people take for granted, but I’m proud of how our kids team has prioritized safety with our kids!

#5 – They TEACH about Jesus.

Kids Learn about Jesus in a way they can actually understand it. Every single week our kids are taught lessons from scripture in a way that is fun, creative and memorable.

#6 – They RESOURCE parents!

If you have kids, you can see what they are learning and actually have weekly conversations with them about the content by downloading our app at

This is a great tool and supplement for parents who are educating and raising their own kids in the faith. We get about 45 minutes a week with kids, but understand that parents have ALL week! That’s why we strive to be a supplement and a resource to help parents make the most important investment ever. If you EVER have a question or concern, you are invited to contact

Let’s reach some kids in 2018!!

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