7 Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals & Announcements

August 15, 2017 - Blog -

#1 – One Service, 10am

When we moved from the Middle School to the High School last November, I was on the fence about doing two services vs. one service on Sunday mornings. We knew the High School was VERY large and we could literally fit ALL of our people in the space and have plenty of room to grow with one service. But we chose to do 2 services anyway because we were already doing two at our old location.

But after moving to one service this past summer and experiencing church as ONE community, all worshipping together in ONE room, I began to see how sticking with ONE service has the potential to be very beneficial for our church.  In a nutshell, it just feels right to stay at one service.  So that’s what we are going to do…

When will we return to 2 services again?

Easy answer: When we have to. One day, as the church grows, we will HAVE to go back to 2 services in order to accommodate the crowd. We will never put a lid or a limit on what God wants to do at Oasis. The day could come in the fall of this year, or in the spring of next year. Or it may never come. Either way, I fully believe that when that day comes, we will not have a problem doing 2 services again on Sundays.

#2 – Here For Good Message Series

Not gonna lie, I’m more excited and full of vision for our church right now than I have been in a long time. If you’ve been sleeping in on Sundays, or traveling, or serving in Kids ministry and haven’t been able to hear the messages lately, I’d like for you to listen in. You can watch and listen to the Here For Good series online by CLICKING HERE or copy paste

#3 – REACH & CARE.


Go ahead and say that over and over and over again because those are the 2 PRIMARY focuses of our church right now. In this next season of Oasis, I’m challenging EVERY family at Oasis to REACH and CARE. You will be presented with opportunities to do BOTH this fall. And I hope you’ll take it serious and step outside of your comfort zone with me 🙂

#4 – ONE BIG SUNDAY – October 1

Speaking of Reaching and Caring. Here is your first opportunity to REACH. I’m challenging EVERY family to REACH a family. Your family probably knows a family in the area that would accept an invitation to church if you extended it. I’m challenging you to bring it up in discussion at dinner or when you are all together, and then come up with a game plan for how you will invite another family to join you at church on Sunday, October 1.

#5 – Baby Dedications – October 1

ALSO, we are dedicating babies on October 1!! So if you recently had a baby and would like to participate in the dedication ceremony, you can let us know by registering here or paste the link

#6 – The Next Year at Oasis: I admire Oasis Church because you’ve been resilient through so much CHANGE in the past 2 years. And there is more change on the horizon!! But I fully expect Oasis to blow up and continue making a difference in our community over the next few months. I believe this because at Oasis: Jesus is the main event, lives are being changed, religious people are leaving (or repenting of their religion), everyone is serving, people are giving generously, and leaders are emerging. As long as these things continue to happen, we will continue to see God move & reach people through us.


#7 – The Wedding

I’ve had a few people ask so I thought I’d share.

Jennifer and I are getting married in the middle of November. We are inviting family and just a couple of friends. It’ll be a very small, private wedding and we are really looking forward to it! Jim Whitfield, who was our pastor when we were kids, will be doing our ceremony. We wish we could invite everyone we know to celebrate with us, but we can’t afford to feed you! We love you anyway 🙂

Well, that’s all I got for now. See you this Sunday!


  • Melanie

    I think it's awesome that of all the pastors you know, you are choosing the pastor that brought you guys together's perfect! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!

    August 15, 2017
  • Gorman

    Hey - thank you for what you do.

    August 16, 2017
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