A Thought About Global Church Growth

September 4, 2017 - Blog -

All the church gurus and researchers are telling us that church “attendance” is declining across the board. (Lots of doom & gloom here!) And it’s probably true in the U.S according to statistics…

But here’s a thought…

2,000 years ago the entire WORLD was skipping church on Sundays. NOBODY was even remotely interested in Sunday school, small groups, a Sunday sermon, OR a 4 song worship set!

Literally 0% of the population OF THE ENTIRE KNOWN WORLD woke up and went to church on Sundays. So, technically speaking, this was the MOST anti-Christian, unchurched, pagan, Godless generation in the History of the world! EVER!!!

But that didn’t discourage Jesus from leading His disciples up north to Caesarea Philippi where He gave the greatest object lesson ever and ignited a movement called the church.

On that day, there were just a handful of followers, maybe 100 people MAX who were part of the global church.

Fast forward a few years to Acts 2, and we see that the church had become the first MEGA church ever at about 3,000 people. But it doesn’t stop there! In Acts 4 the church grows to 5000 peopleā€¦and in Acts 5 they literally STOPPED COUNTING because it was growing so fast. By the time you get to Acts 10, it’s an all out church planting movement that is unquantifiable and impossible to track.

Within 300 years the Christian movement went from a handful people to the MOST DOMINANT religion in the world.

So why are we discouraged? If God did it once, He can do it AGAIN! Perhaps the only thing that’s missing is a few people like Peter & Paul who will give their life to see it happen!

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