An Open Letter To Oasis

July 26, 2017 - Blog -

Good morning, Oasis!

I wanted to take a moment to give a quick shout out to each one of you who makes Oasis happen—our volunteers! Thank you for allowing God to work through you to make a difference in the lives of so many people.

Even in the middle of July, we have over 200 people involved in some type of volunteer ministry at Oasis —and that is AMAZING!

If you are reading this and haven’t been around Oasis in the past few months, then it’s important for you to know I’m writing this on the back side of a 30 DAY break. I basically took an entire month to rest. 2 weeks of vacation followed by 2 weeks of personal time. (During my personal time I did a bunch of reading, writing and spent quality time with Jennifer and Aubrey. And believe me, it was GREAT.)

But as I reflect on this past month, I CAN’T HELP but recognize that I am SO PRIVILEGED to pastor a church where the people do not expect me to do ALL of the ministry. I have heard too many stories of pastors who get burned out, quit the ministry, have an affair, or God knows what else…and often times it’s rooted in the feeling/pressure to always be “ON” and always feeling like they are on the clock.

Sure, there are some weeks where I might I feel that way, but it’s probably more self induced than people induced, and I’ve ALWAYS known that my church has my back. I’ve never had to worry that there were some people talking badly and gossiping about me down the hallway, or some two faced Absalom trying to build his own kingdom on the shoulders of my flaws.

Nope—not here. Because we understand that a church is LESS effective when the pastor ministers to the people, but we are MORE effective when the people minister to the people.

My prayer for all of you during this past month was that it would become very evident that THE CHURCH DOESN’T NEED ME as much as WE need one another!

Every single week people show up, work with kids, direct traffic, push buttons, give high fives, hang pipe and drape, unload and load trailers…all so we can work together to impact this community…and it’s WORKING!

I am so thankful for all of you…

Because THIS WEEKEND a single mom is coming to church—maybe she’s a Christian but she hasn’t felt the love of God in a long time…and she’s looking for an excuse not to come back…but those who park her car will do so with a smile…and then she will walk by people who will smile and greet her…and then she will be amazed at how friendly and professional Oasis Kids is…and then she will notice that the a few of the people she interacts with ACTUALLY seem to care…and the Holy Spirit will begin working on this woman WAY before the band ever plays a note.

YOU KNOW this woman is coming to church this Sunday…and it’s going to take all of us—not just me—to reach her!

Countless numbers of people’s lives are impacted by YOU every week. You all are amazing…and I thank God that I get to serve alongside of you. Keep doing what you are doing…you are making a difference…and this is just the beginning!

Have an awesome weekend! I can’t WAIT for Sunday!!!

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  • Darryl Lundy

    When Matt decided to relocate to North Carolina and become a part of a church plant, I have to admit I was a little concerned. Then as the realization came about that every week would require volunteers to unload trailers, set up church, break down equipment, reload trailers, wait a week and repeat, I was very concerned. This came from being a part of some churches where about 10% of the people produced 80% of the work. I have to say now, that as I have watched the volunteer staff at Oasis grow instead of drop off it has renewed my trust and faith that GOD truly does have a people. Even to the point that we have found a church in our hometown that functions a great deal like Oasis. God Bless Oasis and God Bless the volunteers. (Thanks for watching after my little boy)

    July 26, 2017
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