SEVEN Convictions I Have About Oasis – Part 1

February 22, 2018 - Blog -

In a recent leadership meeting, I shared 7 convictions I have about Oasis in 2018. In my next 7 posts, I’ll unpack each conviction.


There is not a one-size-fits-all christian growth plan. Disciples are different. Too often our attempt to “make disciples” basically becomes a method for getting everyone to behave the same. Discipleship is so much more than a different way to behave. It’s knowing and growing in a relationship with Jesus.

So HOW DOES someone grow in their faith at Oasis? Are you ready? It’s not about another event or program, it’s about personal DISCIPLINE. Or maybe we can just call it Disciple-in?? I dunno, but put simply…here’s how you grow: COMMITMENT.

  • commit to read your bible and pray. Take time DAILY to read, reflect and pray.
  • commit to show up on Sundays and actually WORSHIP. Don’t just wait for the songs to be over, actually connect with God.
  • commit to take the sermons seriously, and PRACTICE what is taught.
  • commit to a small group. make FRIENDS with other Christians. Hang out with them. And make it a priority and participate in spiritual conversations.
  • commit to discovering and being filled with the Holy Spirit, and operate in your spiritual GIFT.
  • commit to sharing your faith with OTHERS.
  • commit to PRAYING for others and serving others at every opportunity.
  • commit to HOLINESS. That means things like sexual purity, stop getting drunk and high, stop gossiping and back-biting, etc.
  • commit to reading Galatians 5:13-26 as often as possible, and then live your life accordingly.

commit, commit, commit.

Seriously. Stop making excuses. Stop blaming the church. Stop blaming your past or your circumstances. Take PERSONAL responsibility for yourself….Because the only person responsible for your personal development, is YOU.

Here are a few sermons that you can watch online to help you grow DEEPER AND MATURE as a Christian

AND…here are SEVERAL opportunities to take next steps at Oasis.


 YOU tell me what is missing? How have you grown as a Christian?

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  • Ben

    Haha, I know this is older but very well said.

    February 26, 2018
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