Everyone can be healed.

January 9, 2018 - Blog, Luke/Acts -

In our reading this week, Luke 4 documents the first miraculous healing performed by Jesus. And (*spoiler alert*) the rest of the book is filled with miraculous stories…

  • a crazy man is set free from demonic control (Luke 4)
  • this paralyzed guy gets healed (Luke 5)
  • a dead boy is brought back to life (Luke 7)
  • then a woman is relieved from her life-long “issues” (Luke 8)
  • and a little girl is brought back to life (Luke 8)
  • a crippled woman is completely healed (Luke 13)
  • 10 dudes with leprosy are healed (Luke 17)
  • and a blind man gets new eyes and can see again (Luke 18)

Keep in mind, Luke is a medical doctor! He records several medical and spiritual miracles in his book because he wants us to see that Jesus’ CAN and DOES heal! This isn’t just some mythological story about a miracle working man in the Middle East. No, this book is a HISTORICAL document prepared by a DOCTOR who was blown away by the supernatural ability of Jesus to bring healing to the sick.

The book of Luke repeatedly presents a God who faithfully provides for His children during their messy, unfortunate circumstances. And the reality is, the same God who performed these miracles thousands of years ago can still work in your life today. No matter how upside down you feel, or how ridiculous your circumstances are, there is always HOPE for healing in Jesus.

What area of your life needs to be made whole again? Maybe it’s a sickness, or a physical injury. Maybe it’s a relationship gone south, or you are in need of some emotional healing. Either way, Jesus CAN heal. Do you need a physical miracle? Emotional wellness? A spiritual healing?

Pray and ask Jesus to heal you today! 

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