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September 20, 2017 - Blog -

We are #HereForGood

We love our community and can’t ignore the fact that even though we live in one of the most affluent areas of our state, there are still many families who are hurting and going through hard times. So we want to do whatever we can to bring hope and love to those families! This year during the holidays, we want to help families enjoy some time around the table together, and have confidence that no matter how difficult, there is HOPE, there are people who care, and there is a God who loves them. Will you consider joining us as we position ourselves to deliver food for the holidays to 100 families this year?

How You Can Help?

We are asking 100 families from Oasis Church to step up and serve 100 families within our community. You would be responsible to shop it, box it, and drop it. Basically, you purchase some Holiday Food (listed below), box it up, and then deliver it TO A FAMILY in our community. If you do not have time or cannot deliver it for some reason, then let us know and we will ensure it gets delivered on your behalf. **All deliveries will take place the week of October 30. So please have your shopping finished by that day!

  • 2 boxes of Cornbread mix
  • 2 box Mac-n-Cheese
  • 2 cans of green beans
  • 2 cans of corn
  • 2 packets of brown gravy
  • 1 can of cranberry sauce
  • 1 box of stuffing
  • 1 box/package of Instant mashed potatoes
  • 1 can of Yams
  • 1 unfrozen dessert item
  • *Oasis Church will be giving away FREE Turkeys on Nov 5. More details to come!

***All you have to do is shop it. box it. and be prepared to drop it the week of Oct 30! Sign up to let us know your family is in…

Click Here To Help!! —>

ALSO – you can help greatly by sharing this post on your facebook and forwarding it via email to anyone you know (school counselors, government officials, etc) who might be able to help us identify people who could use some food assistance this November.


Would YOU Like Some Food For The Holidays?

If you live in our community (Holly Springs, Fuquay, Apex) or IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE who could use some food assistance In November…

  • You don’t have to be dead broke.
  • You don’t have to prove yourself in some way.
  • You don’t have to fall within a certain set of “guidelines”.
  • You don’t have to be a member at our church.

All you have to do is “raise your hand” and let us know you could use a box of food by filling out this form. For now, we hope to serve about 100 families.

Click Here To Get Food! –>


Who Is Oasis Church?

Oasis Church began in January of 2014 and since the beginning has focused on reaching out to non-churched people in the town of Holly Springs. The life-giving message of Jesus, exciting Sunday services, and the simple style of Oasis Church attracts people from all walks of life. So many people experience shame, guilt, and condemnation when they consider church, but that’s not what Jesus is about.  Jesus leads us to be a family full of grace, mercy, and forgiveness to everyone. It does not matter where life has taken you or what circumstances you’ve been through, we consider you family.

  • Roxy

    Here and ready to serve a family!

    September 20, 2017
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