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We are starting a new series this Sunday at Oasis entitled #givehappiness. *Spoiler alert!* The big idea of the series is that happiness is IMPOSSIBLE to capture. It always escapes you. You can spend your entire life trying to achieve it, but you’ll come up short. However, because of Jesus, we have the ability to #GIVEHAPPINESS even when our circumstances don’t necessarily make us feel happy. We can be a producer of joy NO MATTER what. A life full of joy is not about what happens TO you, it’s about what happens THROUGH you.

Here are 12 simple ways you can #givehappiness even when it seems impossible:

#1 – Forgive. Life is too short to hate people.

#2 – Stop taking yourself so seriously.

#3 – Make eye contact.

#4 – Smile.

#5 – Make friends with someone over the age of 65 & under the age of 5.

#6 – Be playful.

#7 – Give something valuable away.

#8 – Take ownership over your attitude.

#9 – Shut up. Stop talking and listen.

#10 – Feel someone else’s pain.

#11 – Throw a ball.

#12 – Flirt with your spouse. Remember the days when you loved him/her? Do that again.

Do you know someone who embodies joy & happiness? Join me by celebrating the people in your life who truly seem to have a joyful attitude no matter what. Simply go online and give them a shout out using the hashtag #givehappiness.


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