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February 2, 2016 - Blog -

Hello Oasis!

Wanted to share some things with you from my heart today…

This past month makes us 2 years old as a church. When I think of our beginnings, there are 2 very significant church services that I will never forget:

1) Our first BAPTISM service

2) Our first EASTER service

The first baptism service stands out because 18 PEOPLE stood up & were baptized…(including Sandy who just taught this past week and did a phenomenal job!)

The first Easter service stands out because CUTE MUGSHOT GIRL attended our service that day! JUST KIDDING, she did actually attend, but she is not the reason the day is so memorable. The real reason I think of that day all the time is because at the end of the service, 43 PEOPLE stood up and accepted Jesus as their savior.

From day one, we have had a very clear cut vision…to see people who want nothing to do with church, those who don’t feel comfortable in most churches, and those who have given up on church (or the church has given up on them) come and realize that God loves them, has a purpose for them, and gave His life so they could have a new life. In the past 2 years, I can honestly say we have stayed true to this. Now that we are entering year 3, nothing has changed. We are just as passionate about seeing people meet Jesus this year as we were 2 years ago. And today, I have my eyes set on 2 very important days that are coming up:

Baptism – February 28. If you claim to be a follower of Jesus, but haven’t been baptized then you can SIGN UP HERE.    

Easter – March 27. We are planning to host 3 SERVICES on that day. 9:00, 10:15, & 11:30. 

I am so proud of this church. I love the simplicity of it, the vision, the focus, the people who are part of it, and the heart to reach others in our community who do not have a church to call home. We have seen God do amazing things in peoples lives.  We have seen 200+ people accept Jesus, baptized over 150 people, and people who otherwise would never consider attending church have come & bought into the vision.  God has cleaned up addicts, restored marriages, and healed relationships.

And God is not finished.

72,000 people within our reach who do not have a church home. And I am asking you to pray.  Pray for those who are far from God. Pray for salvations and baptisms. And pray that you have opportunities to invite someone!  

Who knows, we may be celebrating the salvation or baptism of YOUR neighbor, friend, or co-worker soon!



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