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October 23, 2017 - Blog -

Hey Oasis!!

5 things I want to share with you today…

#1 – This past month has been AMAZING!

Jesus is changing lives and He’s doing it a lot more than we realize…

  • we’ve seen dozens of salvations throughout the “This Is My Song” series!! 
  • Last week we did an old fashioned ALTAR CALL and the floor in front of the stage was FILLED with people seeking Jesus.
  • Yesterday I had a girl approach me in the atrium before church and tell me she came to the altar for prayer because she had tumors in her stomach and wanted to pray before her follow up visit at the doctor. She went to the doc this past week and the tumors are GONE. Gone??!! That’s her song!! 
  • I’ve had people randomly messaging me who haven’t been attending but have been watching sermons online saying our church is making a difference in their lives.
  • Jesus is touching people through YOU, Oasis Church!!!


#2 – I’m PUMPED about our New Series starting in 2 weeks entitled…”COME HOME”!!

This is NOT a series about the prodigal son. haha. That WOULD be really cool, but that’s not what the series is about. It IS a series about coming BACK to Jesus, though.

  • It’s for people who are starting a new journey,
  • It’s for people who have drifted to come home.
  • It’s an opportunity for those who have lost that SPARK to turn the ignition again. 
  • It’s for those who have wandered into apathy to be invited BACK to the table.

AND…during the “Come Home” series we get to hear from THREE of our very own church family who are coming HOME for Thanksgiving. On Sunday, November 25, Tim Wong, Becca Liegey, AND Neal Amundson are coming home and will be sharing the stage! I’m so excited about this I think I’m gonna pee my pants!!!


#3 – BAPTISM..yes we are dunking people!!!

This NEVER gets old! I CANNOT wait for our next baptism coming up on NOVEMBER 12. If you have decided to follow Jesus recently, or you’ve been following Jesus and have never been baptized, you need to go here to get signed up!!

The New Testament tells the story of THOUSANDS of people deciding to follow Jesus and then being baptized. And WE get to be a part of THAT story!!  I CAN’T WAIT…there is just something so POWERFUL about seeing people say, “I’m coming home to Jesus” by getting dunked!!! If you haven’t done this, then there is nothing else more important than taking this next step!!!


#4 – Food For The Holidays

This is still going well! Right now we have almost 50 families signed up to shop and box some food. We will distribute names, phone numbers, and addresses for delivery during the week of October 30!! If you would like to participate, go here!


#5 – Family Worship Night

November 4, at 6:30 pm. Holly Springs High School.

This is a night of worship for the entire family. Kids, Teens, Adults. No sermons, no games, no gimmicks, just worship.

I really believe this night is going to be SO POWERFUL. I’m envisioning generations worshiping TOGETHER under one roof. Grandparents, children, grandchildren…A friend of mine just texted me this morning thanking us for doing this and said “it will be good for our family.”

I’m sure this will be good for your family as well!! I can’t wait. It’s going to be a special night!


PS – It’s almost Christmas time. Get ready for the BEST DECEMBER ever at Oasis.


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