Logging Back In

July 18, 2017 - Blog -

I logged out about a month ago. I stopped preaching. I stopped leading. I stopped worrying about the day to day things related to Oasis. I stopped posting stuff on facebook and instagram…I just logged out. 

I’ll be honest. I have mixed feelings about my “sabbatical.” For the most part, I’m glad I did it. And in some ways, I wish I hadn’t.  Either way, there is a lot of GOOD that came out of this past month.

#1 – REST

The longest command in the 10 commandments is the one on rest…yet it seems to be the one we ignore the most. The sad part is, most Christians are actually OKAY with breaking this commandment. Our culture (and even the church) promotes “BUSY” as if it is a good thing. People who are really busy are the ones who get recognition, rewards, and they are the ones who get the pay raise! But the reality is, God NEVER encouraged anyone to be “BUSY.” Instead, he commanded REST. If I have learned anything this past month, it’s that I need to learn how to truly rest. And moving forward I will establish a regular rhythm of rest in my life AND I will lead my team to be obedient to this command as well.


In the past few years I’ve learned that getting away a little more and doing things I enjoy is what really energizes me…and its in these times that I dream up my best ideas! My most creative energy seems to be birthed by having fun. After all, I am a guy who basically tells stories for a living, and it helps when I’m LIVING A STORY WORTH TELLING. It’s unbelievable what the Lord will do in our lives if we will learn to just ENJOY life.


In the past, I’ve been SO guilty of being physically present but mentally absent. I could be sitting across the table from someone having coffee and conversation, all the while I am completely disconnected from them mentally as I’m still thinking about work, or some pending event, or some project or sermon I’m working on. (Btw, it’s a really weird feeling when someone calls me out on this! **ahem Matt Gorman**)

Anyway, this past month it felt great just to BE…right where I am, in that moment, just being there. Whatever I was doing, whoever I was with, it felt great to just simply take in that moment, and be mentally and emotionally present.


My girls live 58 miles away from me. Sometimes with traffic that equates to 90 minutes one way. Sure, dating “long distance” has plenty of challenges, but this past month, quality time wasn’t one of them. I have absolutely loved the time I’ve spent with both Jennifer and Aubrey (who is out of school all summer). I wouldn’t trade the extended time I’ve had with my girls for anything in the world and I CANNOT wait to build a life/home with them.  (By the way, y’all please be praying for them because they are making a HUGE change and taking a HUGE leap of faith by moving from Goldsboro to live with me soon.)


I have learned SO MUCH this past month about myself (my identity as a man, as a future husband/dad, as a pastor/leader). AND I feel like God leveraged my time away to reveal a TON to me about Oasis, our leadership team, and the vision/direction of our church moving forward. Of course, I’m not gonna come into the office on Monday and just drop a load of change on everyone! haha – BUT I will be implementing some immediate changes in my personal leadership style and I’m excited to see how these changes affect the culture of our team and church in the coming months.

PS- By the way, did I mention how PROUD I AM of our staff and leaders for carrying Oasis through the month of July!?? We are truly blessed with some of the most incredible, GIFTED leaders I know. And I’m so grateful to be back in the office with the crew next week!

Logging back in,


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