Luke 8: An Overview

January 19, 2018 - Blog, Luke/Acts -

Here is a quick overview of Luke 8. Let me remind you of one of the themes of Luke that I mentioned in a previous post. The theme is “The Reversal Of Fortune,” and it shows up here with women in the beginning of the chapter and then again with a woman at the end of the chapter.   

-woman are following Jesus (Luke 8:1-3) This is a big deal because in that culture, it was not acceptable or normal for women to follow a Rabbi. Luke wants to point out that Jesus doesn’t suppress women, instead, He lifts them up and holds them in high regard. In a culture where women are “less fortunate,” Jesus offers the same dignity and opportunity to women as any other person.

-Jesus is teaching about discipleship (Luke 8:4-21) He teaches the parable of the sower, the parable of the lamp, and then he teaches how to identify his “true family.” Jesus is basically saying the same thing in three different ways, “if you are my follower, it will be really obvious to the world around you.” Your growth will be evident like a field that produces a crop, visible like a lamp in a dark house, and everyone will know you are part of my family because you will listen to my word and then obey it. All three teachings are about how true disciples are obvious because of their “fruit”.

-Jesus is working miracles (Luke 8:22-56) He does 3 obvious miracles in this chapter. First, he literally calms a storm, proving to his followers that he really is God over creation. Second, he casts a bunch of demons out of a man, proving he is God over the heavens and the spiritual realms! THEN, he heals a woman who was a social outcast. Religion called her “dirty” but Jesus called her “daughter,” proving that he has come to save and serve ALL people. 

Jesus, God of creation. Jesus, God of the heavens. Jesus empathizer and lover of ALL, even a sick (unclean) woman.

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