Luke (a message for the outcasts)

January 2, 2018 - Blog, Luke/Acts -

A Quick Introduction to Luke

  • Luke & Acts was written by a man named…LUKE.
  • Luke was a real life doctor, not a star wars character.
  • Luke was friends with Paul, they traveled together planting churches and ministering across the  known world, but they mostly focused their ministry on the Greeks.

If you’ve already started this weeks reading (click here for the reading plan), you may have noticed the book begins with a detailed account of Jesus’ birth as well as an EMPHASIS on his immaculate conception (virgin birth). Luke emphasized that Jesus was born “perfect.” And throughout the book you’ll see a focus on Jesus’ humanity (his thoughts, feelings, and personality) In addition, Luke’s focus is on how Jesus went beyond Himself to serve and help others.

One of the themes you’ll see re-occur in this book is the “reversal of fortune.”

Reversal of Fortune

  • poor become rich
  • sick become well
  • last are first
  • the lowly are lifted up
  • …etc

The first hint of this theme is found in Luke 1:52 “He has brought down princes from their thrones and exalted the humble.”

As you read, you will see this theme reoccur over and over again. In my opinion, the culmination of this theme happens in Luke 15, when prodigal son comes home and gets everything He doesn’t deserve.

If I were to identify a “PURPOSE” for the book of Luke, it would be this…

Luke wrote this book to inform us that those who are small, insignificant and unimportant in the eyes of the world are often the very people who are great, magnificent, and beautiful in the eyes of God. Luke presents Jesus to be “a perfect man on a mission to show love and compassion toward imperfect people.”  Luke is a book for the “outsider,” the person who might think “God couldn’t possibly love me.” And as you read the book of Luke, I hope you are continually reminded that Jesus didn’t come just for “His” people (the Jews), Jesus came to save and serve EVERYONE, including YOU.


thank you for joining me on this 3 month journey through Luke & Acts. You can find the full reading plan here. Subscribe to my blog in the right sidebar or connect on Facebook to get updates!

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