My Story

I grew up in Dallas TX. When I was 9 years old I entered foster care, and by the time I was 13 I became a legal orphan. I lived in foster care at the Falcon Children’s Home from the age of 9 until I was almost 16. A few weeks before my 16th birthday, I was adopted by my Mom & Dad who live & pastor a church in Goldsboro, NC. They literally rescued me from a life of struggles and put me on a path toward wholeness. I became a Christian at age 14, and my adopted mother & father invested their lives into me and helped me learn to follow Jesus. My Dad fueled a dream in me to one day start a new church. He believed in me early on even when others didn’t.

I went to college at Lee University in TN and earned an undergraduate degree in youth ministry. I met my wife, Whitney, during my senior year at Lee. We got married in 2007. Later I completed a masters degree in Theology from Liberty University.

In 2010, I served as a youth pastor at Hope Chapel in Apex, NC.  3 years later, Hope Chapel sent a team of about 60 people to start a new church in Holly Springs called Oasis. I’m so grateful to be a part of this team. This past year has been incredible!

If you live in the area, check out Oasis!