My Thoughts About #SundayFunday

September 11, 2017 - Blog -

Hey Oasis!

Here are a few thoughts I want us all to consider as we get closer to #SundayFunday on October 1…

#1 – EVERY FAMILY reach a family…

I know I talk a lot and it’s easy to just ignore me sometimes… BUT I believe if you actually took me seriously on this subject, we would see a MOVE OF GOD like never before.

Will you take a moment right now and just think about the people who God has put in your life recently? Consider “that family” who you already have a friendship with but they are not part of a local church…

Maybe they are new to town.

Maybe they are going through a life transition

Maybe they are dealing with something heavy right now…

Maybe they just sit beside you at the kids activities every week…

I’m willing to bet they are not in your life by happenstance. God divinely orchestrated your friendship with them! Why not invite them to join you at church?

…ask them to come with you to church on #SundayFunday, and then ask Jesus to save them!!!

#2 – For The Kids…

The school is allowing us to utilize the main gymnasium to throw a HUGE PARTY where there WILL BE lots of inflatables, games, goodies & giveaways! The kids are seriously going to have a blast! We’ve also got some PROFESSIONAL face painters… and did I mention SLAP BRACELETS?!!

#3 – For The Adults…

We are fully anticipating this day to be the most amazing day we’ve had since Easter. And with that in mind, here are a few thoughts…

  • I’m expecting people to meet JESUS on #SundayFunday. It’s going to be “that message” that really hits home for people who are not “churchy”
  • Baby dedications. Everyone will CLEARLY see our church is a family focused church because we will be celebrating with multiple families who are dedicating babies and children on that day! If your family would like to participate in the dedication ceremony, let us know!
  • Joel and the band have something REALLY COOL planned, and I won’t spoil it, but I will say GET there early and be ready…it’s going to be awesome!

Whatever time you normally arrive at church, make it a priority to get there10-15 minutes earlier as we are anticipating longer lines in the Kid’s check in areas!!!  It’s going to be a GREAT week!!!


A facebook post was put out there TODAY. Go to and like the page and share the post!

I can promise 3 things: 1) you will have fun. 2) we will take really good care of your kids. 3) We will finish in plenty of time for you to get home and watch the Panthers beat the Patriots.

You won’t regreat being at church on that Sunday! 🙂

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