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August 21, 2017 - Blog -


Yeah, you’ve never heard that word before have you? The word syzygy is an obscure astronomical term that refers to an alignment in a straight line of 3 celestial bodies bound by gravity. Today, we will all see a syzygy right before our eyes. The Sun, Moon, and Earth will be in alignment.

There are certain side effects of a syzygy…for example, moonquakes will be triggered as a result of the gravity of the earth on the moon. Some people believe it’s possible that we may even experience earthquakes as a result of this syzygy. Additionally, in some cases we will see nearly 20% higher tides on earth as a result of this syzygy.

So, quite literally, a SYZYGY MAKES AN IMPACT and creates WAVES.

Oasis in SYZYGY

I believe Oasis is in a unique season right now because we have an opportunity to MAKE AN IMPACT and create some WAVES!!

As long as we are in UNITY and ALIGNMENT, then we are poised to make a HUGE difference in our community!

So what does a SYZYGY look like at Oasis?

Here are FIVE THINGS that need to line up to see a SYZYGY at Oasis.

#1 – Influencers Get PUMPED UP!

If our influencers are not PUMPED UP about Oasis and what’s in store for our future, then the people we are leading will follow suit.  The reason why Acts 2 is one of the most popular chapters in the Bible is because this is the chapter where the influencers and leaders of the church got PUMPED UP! When we are excited and fired up, people will follow! 

In my experience, the biggest obstacle to a church making a real difference is apathetic leaders and influencers. If you are reading this, then this probably includes YOU! You are waaayyy more influential in our church than you probably know.

Will you get pumped up for the future of our church? Get excited! Will you leverage your influence to be positive and excited about the future of this church!?


EVERYONE at Oasis church is gifted to do something – and when you begin to experience Jesus working through you to make a difference, you will become fully alive. Whether its a few minutes each week serving in one of our environments on Sunday morning, or if its hours spent at the office planning and organizing events, you are making a HUGE difference in the church and in the lives of people!!

#3 – Small group/Circle Leaders are EMERGING.

Community is not just a good idea – it is ESSENTIAL for us to be able to thrive in our walk with Jesus!  I used to think it was important to get people to attend a small group. Now I’m learning that its MORE important to invite people to LEAD small groups. This fall, we are only focused on  small group LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT… because a great leader will CREATE community among others and group attendance will rise automatically. So if you value community and you believe small groups are important, then you are probably the BEST person to be LEADING a group!!! So, stop merely attending your small group, and let us know that you are interested in LEADING.

#4 – People are Generous & Consistently Giving.

If we are going to maximize our impact through the rest of this year – then we need both generous and consistent giving happening on a regular basis. Oasis is in large part a result of GENEROUS givers who go above and beyond financially, looking for opportunities to be a blessing. But our financial future will rest on consistent givers. For example, a spontaneous $1000 gift is great, but a consistent $100 per month goes a lot farther! God uses both to make a difference! Your generosity and your consistency FUELS the vision of Oasis!

#5 – EVERYONE is INTENTIONALLY inviting others to church

When we ALL understand that the Gospel was given to us to take to the world and we start taking the Great Commission seriously…then we will become an unstoppable force in our community! But we HAVE to buy into this. October 1 is a GREAT Sunday to invite others to church, we will be unveiling some details later but PLEASE go ahead and begin discussing WHO your family will be inviting! 

PS – bound by gravity.

A syzygy is bound by gravity. Oasis is bound the power of the Holy Spirit.

ALL of the 5 things I just mentioned are POINTLESS without the power of God. ABOVE all, we need HIS presence to see anything great happen in our community.

That’s all for today! Don’t forget to post your photos of the Eclipse using #oasiseclipse

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