Oh how things change…#teamJESUS

October 30, 2017 - Blog -

#1 – Jesus, I want to see YOU do something awesome. 

In the infancy of Oasis, I BELIEVED with ALL my heart that God was going to do something awesome in Holly Springs. SO…I did what every well meaning church planter does and I prayed prayers like “God, do something so awesome that everyone knows ONLY you can do, and everyone will know YOU are awesome!!”  I genuinely believed that these big requests of God would move His heart and he would do some inexplicably awesome stuff.

Then, after a while I started thinking…

#2 – Jesus, I want to do something awesome. 

Uh oh…nothing wrong with that, right? Wrong.

This is the mindset where both pride and insecurity had a fist fight to see which could win my heart. As the church was experiencing a little bit of growth and stability, I began to (internally) believe a little less in God’s power and more on my own. “I’ve got this,” “This is my vision,” “I’m the senior pastor,” “_____ number of people go saved last month during MY sermon series…” etc, etc, etc.

Internally, I started taking a little bit of credit for the “growth.”

THEN, some crap happened. And the church stopped growing as much (at least numerically) and I started to blame myself. Because that’s what happens when you make it about you. You take credit when its good, and you beat yourself up when it’s not good.

Eventually, I came to terms with the reality that if I kept leading with the mindset that says, “I’ve got this” then eventually everything would tumble down. Because truthfully, I don’t got this.

So I became serious about sharing the weight. Really sharing the weight…and my mindset shifted again…

#3 – Jesus, I want US to do something awesome. 

Lately, I’ve been learning all about what it’s like to be on the team…and boy do I LOVE the team of people I work with!!!  I have truly learned (and am still learning) to VALUE the team and cherish them for WHO THEY ARE instead of just delegating tasks. The people I work alongside are not hirelings, they are co-laborers! They are sheep dogs just like me. It just so happens that I’m the “lead” sheep dog. But each of my team have laid their lives on the line for the gospel, too!

I think we have an incredible team. I love how each person on our team is selfless, holds the door for the others, wants to make the BEST decision for EVERYONE, not just themselves. I totally believe in the value of a team. There is no “i” in team, Teamwork makes the dreamwork, we are better together, etc…

And with this mindset, WE CAN do something awesome. BUT…

Lately I’m praying something else…

#4 – Jesus, I want YOU to do something awesome through US. 

Oasis isn’t about me…it’s about Jesus! Oasis isn’t about our team…it’s about Jesus! Jesus is the chief shepherd. We are the sheepdogs.

Without the shepherd…we’re screwed! Without Jesus, we accomplish NOTHING significant.

My prayer is that WHATEVER God does through us, we always remember it didn’t start with us, it won’t end with us, and we just happen to be the people who GET TO be a part of something awesome.




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