7 Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals & Announcements

August 15, 2017 - Blog

#1 – One Service, 10am When we moved from the Middle School to the High School last November, I was on the fence about doing two services vs. one service on Sunday mornings. We knew the High School was VERY large and we could literally…

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An Open Letter To Oasis

July 26, 2017 - Blog

Good morning, Oasis! I wanted to take a moment to give a quick shout out to each one of you who makes Oasis happen—our volunteers! Thank you for allowing God to work through you to make a difference in the lives of so many people….

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Logging Back In

July 18, 2017 - Blog

I logged out about a month ago. I stopped preaching. I stopped leading. I stopped worrying about the day to day things related to Oasis. I stopped posting stuff on facebook and instagram…I just logged out.  I’ll be honest. I have mixed feelings about my…

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“You Are Not Deep Enough”

April 19, 2017 - Blog

People don’t usually come right out and say that to my face, but they’ll usually say it to someone else once they’ve decided to leave the church. It is packaged differently each time…”I’m not being fed,” or “I just want more meat and less milk”…

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you should come to Oasis on Easter IF…

April 5, 2017 - Blog

#1 – If you have ever been through something really difficult and it caused you to wonder whether or not God even cares. #2 – If you have ever doubted God or been skeptical of religion and/or church people. #3 – If you have “tried” but just can’t keep…

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Monday Morning Pour Over…

January 30, 2017 - Blog

#1 – What a weekend! My friend TIMMY…or most recently identified as “TIM” got married in Missouri this past weekend. It was such a joy to see him and his bride step into the next phase of their life together. I’m so proud of that…

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Around The Bend.

December 22, 2016 - Blog

Like many of you, I’m starting to set my mind toward 2017. I’m eagerly anticipating the possibilities of this new year.  I’m also keenly aware of the scripture in Proverbs that says “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.”  Trust me,…

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November 1, 2016 - Blog

[a 45 day fitness challenge] Let’s face it, the end of the year is probably the most difficult time of the year to stay focused on fitness. An endless supply of holiday treats makes eating healthy seem impossible, and the incoming cold weather keeps us home…

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October 13, 2016 - Blog

When I was a youth pastor, I led with a vision to raise up an entire generation of young people who had guts. Students who would stand up to their fears and become everything God intended them to become. I named the ministry “Generation 1:9.”  It was…

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Letter From Bill Rose

October 12, 2016 - Blog

Hey Oasis! I’ve got a few thoughts for you today… #1 – First of all, it’s a crazy time in our church right now! There is so much happening all at the same time, and it’s SO hard to keep up with it all! With…

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