Springtime, Dudes, & Booty Shorts

March 12, 2016 - Blog -

Well guys…

It’s that time of the year again. The sun is out, the weather is warming up, and the girls are about to stop wearing clothes.

This presents a HUGE problem for a lot of us because, let’s be honest, we’re dudes. And dudes like booty shorts. So, here’s how we are gonna handle ourselves this year:

#1 – We’re Gonna Be Honest About Our Problem. – Seriously bro. Take your mask off. Tell somebody about your struggle. Be honest with yourself and with others. You can’t overcome this alone. Read Proverbs 28:13

#2 – We’re Gonna Bounce Our Eyes. – Hey, if that’s all you can do, do it. Don’t stare, look away. As soon as your mind starts to think about what your eyes are fixed on, look elsewhere. This is obviously something ONLY you can choose to do for yourself. But if you want to be pure this year, you’ll start by bouncing your eyes. Hey, it’s better than gouging them out! Read Matthew 5:29

#3 – We’re Gonna Change Our Route – I used to live on the edge of college campus. When springtime hit, I chose to drive on Wade Ave instead of Hillsborough. Wade Ave was out of my way, and wasn’t nearly as exciting, BUT it helped me remain pure. It kept my eyes on the road. So, maybe you need to do something similar? Change your route to work, change your jogging route, change your seat at the coffee shop, do whatever it takes, guys. Get it done. Read 1 Corinthians 6:18

#4 – We’re Gonna Pray For Purity – Ask God for help. Just ask. Read Psalm 18:6

#5 – We’re Gonna Own It – Don’t blame the girls for your problem. It’s your character, not theirs. I’ve heard guys tell girls, “can you please not dress like that..etc” SERIOUSLY? Just because you lack self-control, you are going to impose some legalistic rule on them that doesn’t fix the problem anyway? It’s the same problem since Adam and Eve. Guys always want to blame the girl. Own your sin. Control yourself. You can do it! Read Ezra 10:4

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