#StayWoke – 3 Dangerous Prayers

October 13, 2017 - Blog -

If you are like me, you probably don’t pray as often as you’d like.  And WHEN we do pray, our prayer sounds like some variation of the following…

“Dear Jesus… ME ME ME.”

Give me more money, more comfort, more health, more something…and the reality is, there is nothing inherently wrong with those prayers. Hey, at LEAST we are praying! Right?!

But what if I told you there is a different way to pray? What if I told you a way to pray that has the power to transform your life and CHANGE the world?

Here are 3 of the most life altering, world-changing prayers you will ever pray.


#1 – “Jesus, TODAY I’m completely yours. Use me!”

This prayer isn’t for the faint of heart or the casual church attender.  This prayer is for the one who is serious about their commitment to Jesus and REALLY cares about the things Jesus cares about.

It’s easy to pray, “God, use another person,” or “Lord use me as long as it is convenient for me!” But that’s NOT what God wants from us. He didn’t die so that we could sit in the stands and cheer on team Jesus, nor did he die so we could give Him just a part of our life. He wants COMPLETE surrender. Nothing less.

Since Romans 12 calls us to be a “living sacrifice,” then let’s surrender DAILY to his plan for our life!


#2 – “Jesus, break my heart for what breaks yours!”

Question – when is the last time you WEPT over something that was important to God?

I don’t mean something important to you…because we get emotional about all kinds of things that impact us personally. But when is the last time YOU were emotionally moved by something that was important to God?

We’ve settled for church attendance, a little Bible study, and a safe prayer like “Dear God, please be with me today,” But what if we all said “Okay God, what breaks your heart? I’m gonna do something about that!”


#3 – “Jesus, when I get comfortable and apathetic, wake me up!”

I believe the reason why the CHURCH isn’t realizing its full potential in the world is because CHRISTIANS are not awake to the reality of what’s at stake.

We are not awake to the condition of the world around us.

We are not awake to our own brokenness.

We are just content with the way things are.

The reality is that there ARE people in our lives who will spend eternity apart from Jesus if we don’t do something. The heart of God is DISTURBED by the human condition, and when we pray that God would wake us up, He will! When we begin to see the world the way He sees the world, then THAT is when the most impactful ministry takes place!

So, its okay to pray prayers like “Give me, help me, show me…”

But those are the same prayers everyone else is praying. What if instead, we woke up to the reality that WE ARE the answer to someone else prayers? And if we ask Him, God will BREAK our heart, WAKE us up, and USE us to make a difference in the world around us!

So, for lack of a better phrase…  #staywoke 

(PS – this phrase is mainstream now, I’m allowed to use it.)

Oh, and then there are Levi Wokes…

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