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December 4, 2017 - Blog -

I was away the past 3 Sundays, and everything went GREAT! There has never been a time when I was concerned about being out of town on a Sunday. From the beginning I’ve ALWAYS said we would be a church that is centered around JESUS and not a preacher. Thankfully, we have that church…and me being gone does not impact us in a significant way.

Sandy Byrne DELIVERED a powerful, insightful message on November 19. Seriously, I’m so thankful for her leadership and teaching ability. You can listen to the message here. Or you sign up for starting point and spend 8 weeks studying the Bible alongside Sandy as well as a few other starters, seekers and returners.

So stinkin’ proud of the trio, Tim, Becca, & Neal. I was filled with so much pride watching their message last Sunday. I got to know these 3 before they had facial hair or grown up bodies. I knew them when their faith was naive, their attitudes were snarky, and their voices were higher. But to see how far God has brought them and to hear what they are up to in life was VERY refreshing. It kinda makes me miss being a youth pastor!

Yesterday was Todd Davis’ FIRST time preaching to adults…ever. And it was so good! I asked him to preach over 4 months ago, and he didn’t give me an answer until November. But I’m so glad he said yes! 

My wedding & honeymoon was very intimate & super special. We got married on Nov 18. Stuck around for the week during thanksgiving to be with our families, and then we honeymooned. We took a Caribbean Cruise, got a sun tan, ate like rich people, laid on the beach, slept in, shopped, and had a lot of fun together. Jennifer and I are so grateful for the support and encouragement from all of our friends and family. Ya’ll are awesome!

Loving our current series entitled, “All I Want For Christmas” It’s soooo cool not just to grant some people’s Christmas wishes, but it’s also really encouraging to see the number of people who have stepped up and started granting other peoples wishes, unprovoked! You can make a wish on Facebook using #oasischristmaswish, or you can grant a wish by clicking on the hashtag and finding a way to bless someone. When you get a chance, go here and watch this video for a little more info about the series and some shirts everyone is asking for! 

2 more VERY important things:

1) TWO Christmas services on December 24th, at 9:15 & 11:00am!! We aren’t hosting anything that evening, so plan to be at one of our MORNING Christmas services and bring your family! Our team is so excited about our services that morning!

2) CHURCH IS CANCELED on December 31st. We always cancel church on the last Sunday of every year to say thank you to all of our hard working volunteers, the set up team and  everyone else who makes Oasis Church function. Please take this Sunday to spend some quality, restful time with your family!

I’m so excited to be back on stage this Sunday!

Much love,


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  • Ben Palmer

    You know what you need that you didn't get during your time away? A mustache.

    December 5, 2017
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