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So yesterday, our website went down. And we all know Easter is the worst week for the church website to fail. Could you imagine if the NFL website failed the week of the Super Bowl? Somebody would get fired!!

So we were left with no choice…we scrambled, hustled, and collaborated our butts off to get it back up and running again!  And I’m proud to say the website is now ready to share publicly again.

Ironically, our website DIED and ROSE again on Easter week…a shadow of what’s to come?!!

So please forward our newly risen website,, to all your friends and family. And get ready for an INCREDIBLE time celebrating a risen JESUS this Sunday.

And we have TWO opportunities to celebrate…9:15a or 11:00a at Holly Springs High School!


World’s LARGEST Easter Basket

AND don’t forget we are donating supplies for people in our community need support by creating the World’s LARGEST Easter basket!!

Supplies include:

  • deodorant
  • shampoo
  • body wash
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrushes

OHHH! And one more thing!! …Who’s getting dunked??!!

I am OUT OF MY MIND excited about our baptism NEXT SUNDAY (the 8th). Some friends of mine have already signed up to be baptized, and I know there are MANY of you who are ready to take this step as well!

Two things really quick about this…

#1 – If you have received Jesus since starting to attend Oasis, …OR…you have received Jesus BUT haven’t yet been baptized by immersion…you need to go here to get signed up!!!

#2 – There are too many examples in the New Testament of people receiving Jesus and then being baptized, we can’t ignore its importance!  Trust me…if you are a follower of Jesus, there is NOTHING more important than you being obedient to his call to be baptized!

See you Sunday!


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  • George

    This is great a work you guys are doing. Stay positive and keep up the good work.

    March 29, 2018
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