You are never too insignificant

January 3, 2018 - Blog, Luke/Acts -

As a pastor, I often meet with high capacity people who have much God-given potential. And the opportunity to fulfill their potential may be right in front of them, but they don’t always act on it because they don’t feel “good enough” or “ready.” 

Have you ever found yourself saying, “Me? No…not me. God would never ask me… There is no way I could…”

These feelings of unworthiness affect people of all races, gender, nationality, economic status, and life experiences. And it’s okay to have these feelings as long they compel us to depend more on Jesus. But I wonder how often we allow the way we see ourselves (unworthiness) to put God in a box? How often do we allow our perceived inadequacies to prevent God from working through us in great ways?

Last month, in a Christmas message to my church, I took a moment to point out that

  • Bethlehem was “too small”
  • Zachariah and Elizabeth were “too old”
  • Mary was “too young”
  • Joseph was “too worried” about what others thought of him
  • The Wise Men were “too far away”
  • The Shepherds were “too scandalous”
  • The animals were “too gross”
  • The Inn was “too full”
  • And a baby is “too helpless” and weak.

But none of this prevented God from doing something great through them.   

There is nothing about you that is “not good enough” or “not ready.” There is no status, title or preparation required for being used by God. And maybe you are just as “unworthy” as an unwed, pregnant, teenage girl, but that STILL doesn’t prevent you from being used by God.

When we simply make ourselves available, and we remain faithful to what God has asked of us, then we get to be a part of God’s great plan in the world.

You are never too insignificant to be used by God.

Here’s a question to consider:

What have you felt God asking you to do, but put off because you didn’t feel “ready” or “good enough?”


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  • Jill Cars

    I really fell that after the life events of November 2014 that I did right by stepping away from somethings. So I could focus on my family! But I believe that I am needed right now most of all to be a prayer warrior for my husband, children and grandchild. It is iportant that I center myself to hear what God is saying.

    January 3, 2018
  • Jill Carden

    That was to be Jill Carden! Old folks should not use technology!

    January 3, 2018
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