“You Are Not Deep Enough”

April 19, 2017 - Blog -

People don’t usually come right out and say that to my face, but they’ll usually say it to someone else once they’ve decided to leave the church. It is packaged differently each time…”I’m not being fed,” or “I just want more meat and less milk” or something like that.

It used to bother me a lot. I tried so hard to understand what people meant when they implied I wasn’t “deep” enough, and finally I asked someone to define it. No response. Nothing. He wasn’t even able to clearly describe what he meant by “deep.”  And nobody else has really given me a clear understanding of what it means either!!

I remember a couple of years ago I started trying to be “deep” in sermons or in conversations with other “deep” people and it ALWAYS resulted in confusing, churchy, or overly-spiritual conversations. It felt so fake and disingenuous.


  • If by “deep” you mean “churchy” – thats just not gonna happen with me.
  • If by “deep” you mean “confusing” – not gonna happen.
  • If by “deep” you mean “academic” – not gonna happen. (after all, I’m not a smart man)
  • If by “deep” you mean “overly spiritual and bordering on inauthentic” – again, not gonna happen.

I’m not ever gonna be the guy who says a bunch of obscure things and uses big words that aren’t used by common people. I don’t see my role as one who is supposed to confuse people with ‘Christianese’ in the name of being “deep”. So you can keep searching for “deep” elsewhere, because I don’t fit the bill.

And while you are on your search, I’ll just keep leading my friends to Jesus, serving people, helping families find healing, including the excluded, helping people get out of debt, supporting people who are discovering their spiritual gifts, and ultimately helping people finding their purpose in life.

Because that’s the deepest stuff I know.

Deep doesn’t have to be weird. Deep doesn’t have to be confusing. Deep doesn’t have to solve the “mysteries” of faith

Deep isn’t even about those things at all!!   Wanna know what’s deep?

It’s the Dad in our church who is divorced but still finds a way to make his children a priority and be a Godly example of a father. It’s the woman in our church who was out grocery shopping on a shoestring budget but obeyed the promptings of the Lord to pay for the groceries of the young single mother in front of her. Deep is the teenager who was at that party on Friday night and overcame peer pressure because of the conviction of the Holy Spirit in his life. Deep is when parents consistently pray for their child and teach them how to live practically as a Christian. Deep is the co-worker who goes out of his/her way to serve others at work for no reason, they are just kind-hearted. Deep is a faithful, consistent personal time with the Lord. Deep is learning to listen and hear God’s voice, then doing what He says.

That’s deep.

And that’s what our next series is about.

“Sinking Deep” is a 4 week series that begins at Oasis Church on April 30. We will be unpacking a lot of these thoughts and I can’t wait to see you there! 

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  • Susan Cole

    THAT is why I learn so much from you and have come to know Jesus a lot better since I started going to Oasis. It's because of you Bill! You keep it real, honest and humble.

    April 20, 2017
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