you should come to Oasis on Easter IF…

April 5, 2017 - Blog -

#1 – If you have ever been through something really difficult and it caused you to wonder whether or not God even cares.

#2 – If you have ever doubted God or been skeptical of religion and/or church people.

#3 – If you have “tried” but just can’t keep up with all the rules and expectations of religion.

#4 – If you HAD a thriving relationship with God when you were younger, but now after “life happened” your faith isn’t really thriving.

#5 – If you are currently at the end of your rope and just need some encouragement & hope.

#6 – If you never feel “good enough,” ESPECIALLY when you compare yourself to others who seem to have everything going for them.

#7 – If you grew up in church, but quit attending for some reason in your early adulthood…

#8 – If you are new to town and just looking for a place to worship on Easter

#9 – If you are entering a new season of life (new baby, new job, etc).

#10 – If you just want to have a little fun at church on Easter Sunday! :))

This Sunday is shaping up to be really exciting…you’ll definitely want to invite someone!

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  • Racquel

    I am pumped for this Sunday!

    April 5, 2017
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